January 11 2020

Freezing rain announced this weekend

With the weather forecast announced this weekend,be assured that we will make every effort to make the streets as safe as possible.
In case of a power outage:
  • Avoid frequent opening of the refrigerator or freezer door, to ensure that the food lasts longer.
  • Sort food in case of a prolonged power failure.
  • Do not use an outdoor cooking appliance indoors (propane barbecue, hibachi-style grill, etc.).
  • Lower the thermostats to a minimum to avoid an overload when the power is restored.
  • Keep a lamp plugged in to know when the power is restored.
  • Flush the toilet and partially open the taps to run a small amount of water several times a day, to prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Follow the operating instructions for your backup heating system.
  • Follow the instructions for the installation and use of the generator, if you have one.

In order to properly prepare yourself in the event of a power outage, we invite you to visit the Urgence Québec website.
Be careful!

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