July 12 2023

Gardening Bazaar and Secret Gardens Tour: A Great Turnout Among Rosemerites!

The Gardening Bazaar and Secret Gardens Tour events, held last Sunday, were very well attended. During the bazaar, many gardening objects and items found a new home.

Among the most coveted items were pots, decorative pieces and small tools. Young trees, annuals and perennials of benefit to monarch butterflies and other pollinators were also much appreciated. We would like to thank all those who took part in the bazaar by donating items to support a good cause. Special thanks to our volunteers who helped out so much with this event.

The Secret Gardens Tour attracted 168 visitors. This year, seven magnificent gardens were open to the public, offering visitors a wide variety of unique landscapes to admire on this special day. In fact, one visitor chose to keep his ticket as a bookmark to remember this unforgettable tour. We are extremely grateful to the owners who opened their gardens to the population.

All proceeds from these two activities, totalling $2,908.50, will be donated to the Les Petits Plaisirs respite organization at the Rosemère in Bloom photo contest awards ceremony to be held in October. There's still time to enter the contest: the deadline is August 25.

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