February 11 2015

New home maintenance assistance program in Rosemère

Rosemère homeowners aged 67 years and over will now be eligible for a new home maintenance assistance program. This program was announced by Mayor Madeleine Leduc following the adoption of By-law 863, which decreed this measure in support of the Town’s senior citizens. 

The Home Maintenance Assistance Program for homeowners aged 67 and over allows eligible individuals to receive an annual $50 grant applicable to the residential drinking water rate. Indeed, Rosemère residential taxpayers who are at least 67 years of age on July 1st of this year, and who are property owners on this same date, are eligible. 

To obtain this grant, eligible seniors must complete the form developed for this purpose and available on our website or in person at the Town Hall as of February 23 of this year. The duly completed form must then be submitted to the Town before November 30. 

Furthermore, the grant applicant’s property taxes must be paid in full before the $50 reimbursement can be issued. A copy of the tax bill and photo ID with birth date issued by the government of Québec or Canada must be attached to the grant application. 

Recalling that this measure implemented one of her administration’s election promises, the mayor mentioned that this by-law’s adoption reflects the Town’s desire to favour the autonomy of Rosemerites aged 67 and over. 

"Concretely, this means that we are partially addressing a concern expressed within the framework of the 55+ Forum held in 2013, relating to the difficulty for seniors to remain in their home,” noted Mrs. Leduc. 

Forum participants had, in fact, expressed a desire to see the implementation of residential projects better adapted to the realities of life for Rosemère’s senior citizens, some of whom are regretfully required to move.

"This is a major challenge for an administration such as ours, which must contend with a territory that has virtually reached its development limits. As I mentioned in my 2015 budget speech, we will be favouring a few development projects open to us, while respecting Rosemère’s country charm,” she reiterated. 

Moreover, the by-law implementing this new program for seniors 67 years of age and over refers to the measure targeting Rosemère’s recognition as a senior-friendly municipality (MADA). 

In a senior-friendly municipality, we note the development of a culture of social inclusion of seniors. Policies, services and structures dealing with built and social environments are designed to support seniors and help them age while remaining active. 

"Whether it involves our sports, cultural or recreational activities, facilities in some of our parks, our support of community initiatives such as Meals on Wheels or the implementation of this new program, the Town of Rosemère shows itself to be a true senior-friendly municipality,” concluded Mayor Madeleine Leduc. 

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