Landscaping authorization certificate for Businesses and Merchants

Projects involving soil excavation, cutting down trees, planting hedges or trees, putting up a fence or wall, earthworks, or building off-street parking is prohibited without an authorization certificate, unless these projects are carried out simultaneously with the construction, transformation, repair or expansion of a building or addition thereto.
(By-law 808 – Permits and certificates, article 41)

How to obtain an authorization certificate for a landscaping work

To obtain a certificate authorizing landscaping work, you must complete the form, take note of current municipal by-laws and attach the required documents, including the fee for payment of said certificate, submitting your entire file to the Permits and Inspections Department (you can download "Permit application - Documents required" at the left of this page).

Access the Authorization Application Form – Fences and Walls on the left of the page

The cost of an authorization certificate for landscaping work is $50

*Payment by cheque, cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard), or debit card

Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP)

The objectives and criteria of the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) apply to commercial usage when building or modifying a parking area.

The cost of studying a project subject to SPAIP criteria is $125.

*Payment by cheque, cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or debit card.

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