February 04 2020

Launch of the New Voilà! Rosemère Platform

The Town of Rosemère is proud to unveil its brand-new digital platform known as Voilà! Rosemère. Compatible with mobile devices and web browsers, the secure, user-friendly app lets residents access a wide range of important civic information all in one place.

Residents simply need to download the app to their smart phone or tablet and create a user profile with their home address. They can then personalize their profile settings to indicate which information and notifications they wish to receive. For example, they may choose to be alerted in the case of a municipal emergency, obtain curbside pickup service reminders, view the Town’s municipal calendar to stay abreast of activities that interest them and keep up to date on the latest community news. They can also use the app to check their property tax bill, apply for permits and flag non-urgent concerns (potholes, faulty street lights, etc.). Plus, they can answer municipal surveys to make sure their voice on various topics of interest is heard.

Voilà! Rosemère at the 2020 Carnival

On February 8, at the much-anticipated Rosemère Carnival, a team of Voilà! Rosemère ambassadors will be on site to introduce residents to this new tool. They will be available to help set up profiles and show users some of the app’s main features.

“With this digital platform, residents will enjoy a whole host of convenient benefits,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. “It will give them access to a centralized source of information and let them customize what they receive. They can program notifications on their device to view updates from the Town in real time. Not only will Voilà! Rosemère make information even more accessible to the public, but it will also help eliminate paper and thus reduce our carbon footprint. I invite you all to join me at the Carnival on February 8 to meet our team of ambassadors. They are looking forward to showing you the ropes!”

An introductory training session on the Voilà! Rosemère app will also be held during the Saturday, March 14 Mayor’s Breakfast for anyone who cannot make it to the Carnival. Alternatively, residents can call the Town at 450?621?3500, extension 1219, or write to communications@ville.rosemere.qc.ca if they have any questions about this new platform.

Click here to access the platform and create now your user profile!

For your mobile device, download the Voilà! app from the App Store (Iphone) or Google Play (Android). Then chose the Town of Rosemère and create your user profile.  

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