May 10 2018

Legalization of marijuana - Survey

Legalization of marijuana
Rosemère Launches a Survey to Obtain Residents' Views  
Rosemère, May 9, 2018 – Through on online survey, May 10-27, Rosemerites will be asked to express their views on various issues related to the upcoming legalization of marijuana by the federal government.. This survey will help the Town gauge residents' concerns and determine their social acceptance of this issue. The survey is accessible from the following link:

"This civic participation process is a necessary step in the upcoming implementation of the new bylaw, so as to give residents an opportunity to express their opinions on this matter and to provide us with food for thought in this regard. Of course, this process will be carried out in harmony with our approach of proximity and transparency with our residents, in order to develop a bylaw that meets the needs identified by the population in the survey," explained Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. 

As for the legalization of marijuana, the Town wants to mention, as a reminder, that this decision does not come under municipal jurisdiction. "The bylaw will regulate consumption on our Town's territory, but is not intended to determine its legalization; that decision comes under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The online survey is therefore not a forum for debate on the legalization of marijuana, but rather a means of helping us establish our own bylaw in the proper way, according to residents' wishes," added the Mayor in his closing remarks.   

Following this survey, the Town will make the findings of the survey public and will then proceed with drafting the bylaw in order to submit and adopt it this summer.  

Note that hard copies of the survey are available upon request at Town Hall.

The Town of Rosemère would moreover like to thank the Town of Saint-Jérôme for its collaboration in the development of the survey questionnaire.   

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