A monarch-friendly community

Monarch butterfly populations, which migrate between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, have been in steady decline in recent decades.

To help in reversing this trend, the Town of Rosemère has introduced several initiatives since 1990 to preserve and restore habitats where monarchs feed and reproduce. These habitats are also vital to other butterfly species and honeybees.

In 2018, the David Suzuki Foundation named Rosemère a monarch-friendly community in recognition of the Town’s commitment to helping this iconic insect survive and thrive.

In 2022, Rosemère was granted Silver certification for having fulfilled 17 out 24 criteria in connection with this initiative. The Town aims to meet all 24 and reach Gold certification by 2025.

A handbook has been developed by the Town to provide useful information to residents and inspire them to create habitats on their own property that are beneficial to monarchs and other pollinators.

By working together, we can protect these regal creatures and other species that help pollinate our plants.

What’s happening

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  • Automated call service - Somum
  • Campaign - Let's work together to save water