April 05 2023

Municipal By-Election: Registration on the list of electors

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, a municipal by-election will be held in Rosemère to fill the position of Municipal Councillor for Seat 5.


Before the by-election, it is the duty of every elector to ensure that they are registered on the municipal list of electors. In fact, the elector's name must be entered on the municipal list of electors on polling days in order to exercise his right to vote. 

Élections Québec offers the possibility of registering on the municipal list of electors at any time on its website. In addition, it is possible to modify one's registration on the municipal list of electors in case of a move, an error or a deletion by contacting Elections Québec directly. The Town of Rosemère strongly recommends these actions, which can save the elector from having to go in person to the Board of Revisors. 

If you have not already done so, please register on the list of electors now by completing the form on the Elections Québec website.

Watch the Town's website for all relevant information regarding the 2023 by-election.

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