September 08 2014

Families at the heart of our vision

Today, Madeleine Leduc, Mayor of the Town of Rosemère, presented two new by-laws recently adopted by the Municipal Council and fostering the involvement and accountability of citizens in the preservation of our drinking water and the protection of our environment. The mayor recalled that these new measures are consistent with commitments made by her administration in the fall of 2013. 

Favouring family initiatives
By-law 859 covers programs favouring family initiatives in the fields of environment and culture. Further to this, a new measure has been introduced, entitling parents of newborns to a maximum grant of $150 per child towards the purchase of washable diapers. In addition, the Town’s One birth, one tree program has been modified. The popularity of this program with new parents has been such that no room remains on the Birth Trail for trees commemorating the birth of a new child.  The new version of the program now calls for new parents to receive a cheque in the amount of $150 towards the purchase of a tree or other vegetation (such as a shrub) to be planted on their property to mark the birth of their child. Finally, infants will continue to benefit from the One birth, one book program, which offers a gift package welcoming them to Rosemère.

"Through these various initiatives, the Town of Rosemère seeks to help reduce landfill and increase its forest cover while expressing its delight at seeing the Rosemère family grow. We are also pleased to encourage parents who wish to contribute to the community’s efforts by using washable diapers and improve our quality of life and our environment by planting a tree or other vegetation,” stated Mrs. Leduc.

Preserving drinking water
Finally, the new by-law 858 seeks to promote the replacement of regular-flow residential equipment with low-flow units, by offering a cash grant to participating homeowners.

Equipment eligible for a maximum grant are low-flow ($60) and high-effiency ($75) toilets as well as shower heads ($10) and aerator tap fittings ($25), the last two of which must be certified to the WaterSense standard. 

"Financial assistance of this nature is a significant incentive designed to promote the replacement of energy-intensive equipment and contribute, in a meaningful way, to the long-term reduction of potable water consumption and, by the same token, reduce our volume of wastewater and related treatment costs. Added to our sizeable investments in water purification and our waterworks system, this new program reflects our commitment to the preservation of water, which is such an invaluable resource. Moreover, these two new by-laws position Rosemère families at the heart of our vision of sustainable development and the environment. This vision has been put it forth for them and with them,” concluded Mayor Madeleine Leduc.


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