May 03 2016

Recycling Nespresso coffee capsules - Agreement between Tricentris and Nespresso

The Town of Rosemère invites citizens to recycle their Nespresso coffee capsules made of aluminum by putting them in a special bag. They will then put this bag in the recycle bin.
An agreement was reached between Nespresso and the sorting center Tricentris, a first in Quebec. The Nespresso Club members will receive their special bag in their coffee order. A new bag will be sent to them each subsequent order, made in a shop or online.

Equipped with a handle and lime green color, the bags will be easily recognized by Tricentris employees who will carry them out. Nespresso will proceed to the composting of coffee grounds and aluminum recycling. Note that only capsules of that brand will be recovered.

A beautiful sustainable initiative that the City encourages you to adopt. For more information, visit

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