December 22 2023

New by-law governing the distribution of printed advertising material

On November 23, 2023, the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville took an important step forward in protecting the environment by announcing a ban on print advertising distribution as of January 1, 2024.

All the communities in the regional county municipality are required to pass a resolution supporting this ban. As such, Rosemère Town Council proceeded with the adoption of By-law 980 on December 11.

This by-law prohibits the distribution of advertising material or having it distributed, door-to-door, on any private property or business that does not display an authorized sticker.

Distribution will therefore be restricted to addresses where citizens or businesses have affixed to their private mailbox or front door an opt-in sticker indicating that they have opted to receive printed advertising material from a third party other than Canada Post. 

To obtain a sticker

Anyone wishing to obtain a sticker is invited to do so free of charge through the following points of service as of December 22:

-Town Hall reception window (100 Charbonneau Street)

-H.J. Hemens Public Library circulation desk (339 Grande-Côte Road)

-Memorial Community Centre supervisor’s office (202 Grande-Côte Road).

Note that anyone with mobility issues who wishes to receive a sticker but cannot easily make their way to one of the above points of service may write to and ask for one to be mailed to them.

About Canada Post

It is important to note that Canada Post, as a federal agency, is not subject to this municipal by-law. As a result, Canada Post will be able to continue distributing print advertising in post office boxes or community mailboxes in the territory.

For more information, visit the Canada Post website

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