January 23 2020

New Comic Strips to Help Rosemère Residents Learn More About the Town’s Services

ROSEMÈRE, Thursday, January 23, 2020 Starting in February, Rosemerites will have an opportunity to better acquaint themselves with the various services available through the Town with the help of a series of amusing and informative comic strips in the Rosemère News municipal newsletter. Throughout the coming year, readers will be able to follow the adventures of new Rosemère homeowner Ben Goodman and his whole family.

“The Town offers a wide range of services to residents, but we’ve realized that some of these services are not well known,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. “These comic strips are a fun way for people to learn more about their community and the various municipal departments. Our employees have all been involved in this engaging initiative, and some have even agreed to be worked into the stories!”

Drawn by a professional illustrator, these comic strips are designed to explain the Town’s administrative operations in a more accessible manner, whether it be recreational activities, public works, finance, urban planning or water treatment– and many more besides.

Have fun getting to know Ben Goodman and his family!

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