March 23 2017

Honoured Citizens Evening

Rosemère celebrates the excellence of 23 deserving residents

Rosemère, March 23, 2017 – The Town of Rosemère is pleased to have recognized the achievements of 23 of its residents at its Honoured Citizens evening held on March 23. At this event attended by one hundred of their fellow citizens, these residents received a certificate of honour and were invited to sign the Town’s golden book.

"We are especially proud of noting the success, perseverance, vitality and determination of our honoured citizens. They are inspiring models of success for the Town of Rosemère and its residents, which is why we wanted to pay tribute to them during this special evening. They have distinguished themselves in a unique way in our community and they are the pride of Rosemère," stated mayor Madeleine Leduc.

March 23 marked the first edition of this recognition event in Rosemère: "For the first time, the Town of Rosemère recognized several of its residents for their achievements at a single event, designed in keeping with their accomplishments. I am pleased to announce that this is the start of a tradition, which will be repeated year after year in Rosemère," noted the mayor. This special evening recognized the talents of the following residents:

  • 1. Mike Bossy: Within the framework of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) centennial celebrations in 2017, he was named one of the Greatest 100 NHL Players in History. Mr. Bossy is considered the most prolific scorer in the history of the NHL.

  • 2. Sylvie Bernier: For 30 years, she has been committed to the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, a cause dear to her heart. In 2016, she received the Medal of Honour from the Québec National Assembly in recognition of her role as an ambassador of healthy living over these many years.

  • 3. Andrea Venditti: Physics and Technology teacher at Rosemère High School, she is a model of professional competence. In 2015, she received a Certificate of Achievement within the framework of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence.

  • 4. The Rosemère Horticultural and Ecological Society (SHER): In 2016, this organization celebrated its 60th anniversary. It was recognized for its unfailing social commitment to horticulture and ecology in the Rosemère community.

  • 5. Rosemère athletes who participated in the two latest finals (51st and 52nd) of the Jeux du Québec: These finals are annual provincial competitions bringing together the best young athletes from every region of Québec.

    • Between July 17 and 25, 2016, several Rosemère athletes represented the Laurentian region at the 51st Finals of the Québec Games held at Montréal’s Complexe Claude-Robillard. They are:

      • Chanel Bardetti and Maxime Cangé Benoit, in basketball
      • Loïc Demarbre, in triathlon
      • Audrey Hébert, in softball
      • Victor Joly and Richard Makarios, in baseball
      • Lucas Malhotra, in soccer (bronze medal)
      • Simon Pino-Buisson, in sailing
      • Camille Primeau, in road cycling (silver medal)
      • Cassandre Prosper and Olivier-Maxence Prosper, in basketball
      • Kelly-Ann Sauvé, in swimming.
    • In early March 2017, the following athletes represented the Laurentian region at the 52nd Finals of the Winter 2017 Québec Games held in Alma:

      • Sébastien Guy, in speed skating (triple medal winner: 1 gold and 2 bronze)
      • Arnaud Boutin, in hockey
      • Zachary Therrien, in curling
      • Alexandra Hamelin, in badminton
      • Emile Cloutier, in diving
      • Erika Zullo, in gymnastics
      • Olivier Desrosiers, in fencing (bronze medal).

Mayor Madeleine Leduc feels it is important to celebrate and showcase residents who are the pride of their community. She also wishes to support the feeling of belonging to an outstanding community.

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