March 21 2017

International Day of Forests

Rosemère unveils a new visual identity for its urban forest

Rosemère, March 21, 2017 – Marking the International Day of Forests, the Town of Rosemère unveiled a new visual signature for its urban forest. Among others, this initiative seeks to inform residents and make them more aware of various issues such as trees and the preservation of natural spaces. From now on, this new visual signature will accompany all of the Town’s communication initiatives related to this issue.

"Whether they are located on public or private property, Rosemère’s trees are a source of considerable richness for the Town. We are committed to their preservation, to help ensure the quality of life of our citizens as well as future generations. This visual identity will support our communication efforts in this regard. Since Rosemère’s trees are part of the Town’s identity, it is natural for us to create a visual signature for them," explained mayor Madeleine Leduc.

This visual identity will allow citizens to better differentiate and recognize the Town’s communications on the issue of the urban forest. In so doing, the Town wishes to clearly note the importance it attaches to this gem.

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