August 14 2017

Rosemère Unveils the Optimized Version of its Website

ROSEMÈRE, Monday, August 14, 2017 – The Town of Rosemère is unveiling the optimized version of its website today. Created from its current site, this new version is designed to improve communication with residents and provide them with a platform adapted to their present needs. All this will be done with a more dynamic display, in keeping with the Town’s colours.

Prompted by the findings of last fall’s survey on its digital communication tools, the Town decided to go ahead with the optimization of its website. "With this new and improved version, we are responding to residents’ desire to have access to a website that is easier to consult and better adapted to mobile devices. More and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to search for information. As our website is the key tool for our communications with our residents, we had reached a point where it had become necessary to upgrade it. So I am inviting residents to visit our site again now," announced Madeleine Leduc, Mayor of Rosemère.

This project to optimize the existing site was carried out by a Rosemère agency (Cyclone Design Communications), which has developed the current version of the site a few years ago. The Town has opted for a solution to optimize the current site, without starting from scratch. Special attention was focused on efficiency and effectiveness in navigating the site and reorganizing the content, geared toward the users—the residents. Users may therefore more easily find the information they are searching for and navigate intuitively through the various sections of the menu, regardless of the size of their screen.

On the Home page, a very visual News section will inform residents on a day-to-day basis about activities, events and projects under way. Easier to find, the contents of the main menu have been restructured under four headings: The new Town menu presents information on municipal life, Town Hall, the Town’s policies and history as well as information on the territory. In the Services to Residents menu, the largest part of the site, Rosemerites will find what they are looking for in their everyday life (forms, taxes, property evaluations, roadwork, zoning, collections, information and advice on trees, gardens and the environment, a list of parks and green spaces, public safety…) as well as a section for companies and commercial establishments. The Activities and Recreation menu now leads to programs and online registration, a list of local organizations, information on seniors’ transportation, parks and cycling trails, for example. And lastly, the Library menu includes catalogues and digital resources as well as favourites and new titles.

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