April 13 2017

Floodings : potential recourse available for affected citizens

The abundant precipitation, the fast melting of the snow, Rivière aux Chiens overflowing its riverbanks and the still frozen ground have caused substantial accumulations of water in some areas of Rosemère, during this past week of April 3. Despite the efforts of firefighters, police officers and Public Works crews, some homes have sustained property damage.

Under the circumstances, the Town hereby wishes to inform you of the potential recourse available to affected citizens in order to obtain compensation:

  • Apply to the office of the Direction générale of the Québec government's Ministère de la Sécurité civile et de la sécurité incendie, direction du rétablissement, within its general financial assistance program for real or imminent disasters (programme général d’aide financière lors de sinistres réels ou imminents). The Town encourages you to first phone the Ministère de la Sécurité civile (at 1-888-643-2433) to open a file with this Québec government department and evaluate the possibilities for compensation. 
  • Submit a claim to your insurance company for water damage.
  • If you believe that the Town of Rosemère is responsible for the damage you sustained to your realty or personal (movable or immovable) property, you must give written notice to the Town Clerk within 15 days of the event that caused the damage. Your notice must mention your name and address, your intention to take legal action against the Town, a description of the event, a description of the damage sustained and the amount of the damage, if known. The Town's claims filing process requires you to send this notice. Following this notice, you will have a 6-month time limit for taking legal action against the Town. For more information, please contact the Town Clerk's office at 450-621-3500, ext. 1241, or go to the Town's website at www.ville.rosemere.qc.ca/my-documents Legal section, "How to claim for damages incurred”.

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