March 27 2018

Recap of the Westram administration’s first 100 days

Rosemère, March 27, 2018 – Rosemère mayor Eric Westram and members of the municipal council presented a recap of their first one hundred days at the helm of Rosemère. What emerges is a productive portrait distinguished by a visionary leadership based on principles of closeness to the community, attentiveness, dialogue and respect.

“From the time we first came into office, we have sought to define, in collaboration with municipal personnel, a strategic vision of Rosemère’s future along with a plan of action to bring it about. In so doing, we strive to make Rosemère a proud, green and prosperous town,” stated Eric Westram.

In fact, the new municipal council’s strategic vision will be submitted to residents within the framework of a public consultation. The Town wishes to obtain its citizens’ opinion of its stated vision, since it will define the Rosemère of tomorrow. More specifically, this vision statement is as follows:

A proud town that cultivates a feeling of belonging among residents of all generations by offering an exceptional quality of life; a green town that protects its environment, showcases its country charm and adopts innovative sustainable development practices; a prosperous town that offers a framework conducive to a vibrant community by fostering its economic and social outreach.

Visionary leadership

The Westram administration has brought a new leadership style to both the Town and its relations with citizens. This leadership is based on principles of closeness to the community, attentiveness, dialogue and respect. To mayor Westram, this means working with citizens and municipal personnel to create a town that reflects the expectations of its residents while respecting their ability to pay and providing its employees with a sound and stimulating working environment.

Three major ambitions

Over the coming years, the new municipal council will be guided by three major ambitions. First, the municipal council intends to make Rosemère a model organization with modern and efficient public services — a Town where every effort is expended to meet the needs of citizens while respecting the best interests of the community in general. Rosemère’s elected officials will also seek to keep the taxpayers’ burden in line with the rate of inflation and preserve its enviable position with regards to its tax rate and debt level. The municipal council’s third major ambition is to constantly act based on the population’s priorities.

Concrete achievements for citizens

The first one hundred days of mayor Eric Westram’s administration have seen the implementation of concrete actions on behalf of residents.

A proud town

  • Plenary session (open discussion period) prior to council meetings
  • The Mayor’s Breakfast
  • The major garage sale

A green town

  • Modifications to the drinking water rate to encourage water conservation
  • Pilot street de-icing program using wood chips
  • “Monarch-Friendly City” – the Town undertook measures to be recognized as a monarch-friendly town by the David Suzuki Foundation.
  • Pilot urban beekeeping project — this spring, the Town will implement a pilot beekeeping project at the Hamilton House.
  • Urban hens – adoption of a new municipal bylaw
  • Increase in the Rosemère News’ recycled paper content (100% FSC recycled)
  • Inclusion of the recreation program in the Rosemère News and on the Town’s website — reduced use of paper.

A prosperous town

  • Freeze of the residual waste tax rate
  • Doubling of the grant to seniors (increase from $50 to $100 and a drop in the age of eligibility from 67 to 65)
  • Freeze of the residential and commercial property tax burden
  • Renewal of the $30,000 grant to the AGAR (Rosemère Business Association) liaison officer
  • Implementation of a strategic planning measure.

Strategic planning: Three major projects

At the start of the year, the municipal council held a joint strategic reflection with Town personnel in order to define the major guidelines that will help make Rosemère a proud, green and prosperous town. Further to this, a three-pronged plan of action was developed:

  1. Modernize the municipal organization
  2. Carry out Rosemère’s urban vision
  3. Provide Rosemère with infrastructures consistent with its ambitions and its means.

“Our approach is one that is rooted in openness, collegiality and transparency with citizens and municipal personnel. We wish to work for and with them in an effort to achieve our strategic vision, which is to make Rosemère a proud, green and prosperous town,” concluded the mayor.

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