July 10 2024

Regional Hub (Place Rosemère)

The Town of Rosemère takes a further step towards achieving an important part of its Strategic Plan by officially requesting the Thérèse-De Blainville MRC to modify its land use and development plan to allow for mixed commercial and residential use for zones C-03, C-139, and
 C-140 located in the regional hub.

This area, which includes Place Rosemère among other places, is ideally suited for redevelopment by integrating new medium and high-density residential uses as well as public uses to create a complete living environment.

This initiative is also in line with three aspirations stemming from the 2024-2030 Strategic Plan titled Naturally Responsible, unveiled last May, namely: Addressing Climate and Biodiversity Issues, Ensuring Sound Financial Management, and Consolidating and Adapting its Territory.

For Mayor Eric Westram, this is an important advancement in this project, which he wishes to see progress to address the city's challenges: “On one hand, we see the loss of commercial tax revenues affecting our town's finances, and on the other, we have a pressing need for housing. Here is an opportunity to address these two critical aspects while taking the opportunity to green this immense heat island. This is thus one more step in response to climate change.”

The mayor also acknowledges that this is a very administrative step for citizens, but it is crucial for continuing to make progress as this change in allocation must be approved by supralocal authorities.

"Such changes do not happen overnight, but we have been committed to this avenue for several years. The commercial hub, as we have known it for generations, is set to change to meet today's reality. I am very eager to have discussions with the citizens about tangible projects so that the population can be informed about the realization of this aspect that is at the core of our strategic planning, based, among other things, on our MADA – Families action plan and the citizen consultations held between 2018 and 2020", concluded Mayor Westram.

To conclude, the City reminds that the committee on sustainable land development continues its work and that studies are still ongoing to gather all the necessary information to ensure the infrastructure's capacity to support such projects."

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