February 23 2015

Rosemère inaugurates its entirely updated and renovated Ecocentre

Today marked the official inauguration of the Town of Rosemère’s entirely updated and renovated ecocentre, on its original site behind the Public Works Department.


In fact, the ecocentre resumed its regular activities the first week of January. It may be recalled that, in the fall of 2014, the Municipal Council had given the green light to redevelopment and optimization work at the ecocentre.


Started on October 6, 2014, this major project sought to improve the site’s accessibility an safety while fostering greater peace and quiet in the neighbouring area. As a result of this work, end-users can now drop materials directly into containers thanks to raised approaches. This will facilitate handling and significantly cut down on the loud comings and goings of heavy equipment.


Rosemère’s Council also made the most of this project to adopt a by-law updating the policy for the use of the ecocentre, particularly as it relates to materials accepted or refused, as well as access.

Consequently, access is now reserved exclusively to Rosemerites, free of charge. Tipping trailers are prohibited. Users will therefore need to present a photo ID as well as proof of residency with address. 

Company trucks will not entitled to use the ecocentre’s services except in the case where eligible citizens wish to dispose of construction, renovation or demolition materials from their personal residence. In instances such as these, they will be required to present the construction or renovation permit issued by the Town.

Materials accepted by the ecocentre include large, cumbersome items, IT and communications products, recyclable materials, construction, renovation and demolition waste, tires, hazardous domestic waste and green waste. It should be noted that household garbage, branches, soil, and materials other than those posted at the entrance of the ecocentre as well as items presenting a health risk are prohibited. A complete list of materials accepted or refused is available in the municipal calendar as well as on the Town’s website at www.ville.rosemere.qc.ca. 

The ecocentre’s business hours vary depending on the season. From December to March, it is closed Sundays and Mondays, and open from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday. From April to November, it is closed Mondays and open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. till noon on Sunday. 

"The modernization of the ecocentre is one of the many measures adopted by the Town of Rosemère in an effort to offer its residents safe and healthy surroundings while respecting the environment. A source of pride for us, this renovated infrastructure will undoubtedly stand as an example in the field of residual waste management, which is a major issue for municipal decision-makers,” concluded Mayor Madeleine Leduc. 

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