June 10 2019

Revitalization of the Sacré-Coeur Woods - First Trees Planted

Revitalization of the Sacré-Coeur Woods - First Trees Planted

ROSEMÈRE, June 10, 2019 On Saturday, June 8, 2019, the Town of Rosemère, in collaboration with biologists and residents Michel Leboeuf and Réjean Dumas, the Société d’horticulture et d’écologie de Rosemère (SHER) and approximately 30 Rosemerites, planted more than 285 trees and shrubs to revitalize part of the wooded area around Externat Sacré-Coeur that belongs to the Town.

“For Rosemère, these new trees are a grassroots initiative that is both symbolic and sustainability-oriented,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram at the site. “By planting these saplings, you are leaving your mark on these woods, considered to be a true ecological treasure, and doing something concrete to enhance our urban forest. This is a noble gesture on your part and one of which you can be very proud!”

On May 28, the Town announced that 625 trees and shrubs would be planted between now and spring 2020 to revitalize the Sacré-Coeur woods, increasing its size by half and improving its biodiversity.

A second planting operation will take place in September, when Externat Sacré-Coeur students will “get their hands dirty.” They will then be asked to keep close watch on how everything grows throughout the school year. This is an incomparable opportunity for youth to take part in a rewarding hands-on experience and help protect the natural environment.


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