April 09 2018

Ride, walk, run, the library’s fun!

Rosemère, April 9, 2018 – On April 9, in the library's solarium, the Town of Rosemère launched its brand new program: Ride, walk, run, the library’s fun!, a project combining the benefits of physical fitness with the enjoyment of reading. This unique initiative aims to raise residents' awareness of adopting healthy lifestyle habits, while including them in their visits to the library. This program will run from April 21 to October 21, 2018.

To take part, residents must first have a citizen's card. The, the next time they visit the library, they will receive a Ride, walk, run, the library’s fun! loyalty card, which will be punched by an employee at the circulation desk each time they walk, run or cycle to the library. While the program is under way, each card filled with all 9 punch marks will give the cardholder a chance to win a bike worth $500, compliments of Sports Experts Rosemère. The draw will take place next October, at the end of the program.

"The Ride, walk, run, the library’s fun program is an original and dynamic way to attract youngsters and grown-ups to the library, while combining two pastimes: literature and physical activity. I am inviting all Rosemerites to get their loyalty card now for this new program being offered to the whole family," stated Mayor Eric Westram.

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