November 18 2020

Rosemère, winner of the Mayors' Challenge!

The Town of Rosemère is very pleased to announce that Rosemère is the winner of the Mayors' Challenge! 

Over the past month, Rosemère participants completed a total of 102,802 minutes of activities (11 minutes / resident) compared to 82,401 minutes of activities (8.8 minutes / resident) for the Town of Lorraine.  

We would like to thank all the participants who moved and filled out the form! Regardless of the winning town, we can all say that our goal has been achieved. We succeeded in getting a lot of citizens moving! Keep up the good work, there is no better way to take your mind off things in this time of pandemic. 

Mr. Ronald Bédard is the lucky Rosemèrois who wins the $400 grocery store prize. 

Bravo and thanks to all!

Watch the online video:

Please turn up the volume on your device, as the wind affects the sound quality of our video. Thank you for your understanding!

What’s happening

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