February 01 2021

Rosemère Cancels its Traditional Winter Carnival

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic at the present time, the Town of Rosemère is forced to cancel its traditional Winter Carnival. However, Rosemère will be offering another outdoor family activity—a snowman hunt—at your own pace, in your family bubble, until mid-March. 

"Although we’re sad to take this decision, we have to do so, given the health restrictions related to the pandemic. We usually have a very active community life and there is always a big turnout among Rosemerites at this winter activity, so it's only a temporary setback. Nevertheless, in order to maintain the spirit of our traditional Winter Carnival, this snowman hunt is intended to bring our residents out into the parks and give them a chance to enjoy our recreational facilities, while staying within their family bubble," explained Mayor Eric Westram. 

Keep an eye out on the Town's communications platforms starting next week for the launch of this new activity! Follow the snowmen! Will you take part in the game?

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