March 13 2016

Rosemère denounces firefighters' fear mongering campaign

ROSEMÈRE, Sunday, March 13, 2016 – The Rosemère Municipal Council is asking firefighters to stop stoking fears among the residents of Rosemère and the RCM as it relates to their safety. "It is totally irresponsible to tell citizens that their lives are at stake, just to have them sign a petition. It is important to stick to the facts in this matter; you can’t play with our residents’ sense of security. It’s unacceptable,” states Madeleine Leduc, Mayor of Rosemère. Some citizens had alerted municipal authorities to the fact that firefighters were resorting to this tactic to get signatures for their petition.

Let’s stick with the facts

The agreement concluded with Blainville complies with the RCM’s fire safety cover plan, a tool used by elected municipal officials in the management of fire risks and decision-making. A fire safety cover plan is dictated by the government and sets forth firefighters’ intervention rules such as time frames, intervention methods, etc. The agreement with Blainville is fully consistent with the cover plan for the RCM, which is required by the Fire Safety Act to establish this type of plan in compliance with the orientations of the Ministry of Public Security.

The deputy director of the Blainville Fire Department and coordinator of the RCM’s fire safety cover plan, Maxime Gagnon, confirms that "Rosemère’s coverage is an extension of the already existing territory. Station house 7 (South) is strategically located at the limits of the towns of Blainville and Rosemère. Road accesses allow us to effectively respond to calls. Furthermore, Rosemère and Blainville’s protection complies, in every regard, with the level of service required by the RCM’s fire safety cover plan. It is important to remember, as well, that our Department is available at every hour of every day. We have the personnel, equipment and intermunicipal agreements needed to deal with emergencies.”

It should have noted that the partnership agreement among the different fire departments in the Thérèse-De Blainville RCM remains in effect. As a result, mutual assistance between the towns has always existed and will always exist. Consequently, the Blainville Fire Department can call on its firefighting colleagues in the RCM’s other towns (Bois-des-Filion, Ste-Thérèse and Boisbriand) to lend a hand should the need arise. This type of mutual assistance has been used by Rosemère in the past, including times when Rosemère’s firefighters were unavailable on call.

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Source: Town of Rosemère
For information: Daniel Grenier
Director Communications, Public Affairs and Citizen Relations
Tel.: 450 621-3500, ext. 1243 or 514-917-3507

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