November 24 2017

Rosemère Golf Club: Mayor Westram states the Town’s position

Rosemère, November 24, 2017 – At the first meeting of the new municipal council held on November 20, citizens raised several questions on the issue of the Rosemère Golf Club. In light of this, Rosemère mayor Éric Westram and members of the council felt it was important to inform residents that, under their administration, the real estate development of the golf course as a whole is not an option to be considered. “My administration has no intention of modifying the current zoning to allow a reduction of the golf course’s public space. This solution will simply not be entertained by our team. Our priority is to preserve as much green space as possible,” stated the new mayor.

It may be recalled that, last June, the Rosemère Golf Club accepted a purchase offer of $27 million, which created uncertainly within the Rosemère community.

The current zoning for the piece of land along Labelle Boulevard allows the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Any prospective real estate development will have to be carried out within those parameters. Éric Westram further stated that, in keeping with his team’s election commitments, citizens will have a say on the future of this Rosemère gem. “The decisions we will take on this issue will be fully consistent with the needs and wishes of the population,” concluded Mr. Westram.

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Source: Town of Rosemère

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