October 16 2017

Rosemère Honoured for the Quality of its Drinking Water

ROSEMÈRE, October 16, 2017 At the Water Management Symposium (Symposium sur la gestion de l'eau) held in Lévis, Québec on October 11-12, the Town of Rosemère was awarded a three-star certificate for the superior quality of the drinking water produced at its water treatment plant. For over 15 years, the Town of Rosemère has been taking part in the drinking water excellence program (Programme d’excellence en eau potable - PEXEP), and has been carrying out an ongoing improvement process in order to provide its residents with superior quality water, in keeping with its sustainable development approach.

"It is with great pride that we are receiving this certificate, which reflects the Town's commitment to place Rosemerites' health at the heart of its concerns by providing them with quality service. This certificate is also very wonderful recognition for the six (6) employees at Rosemère's water treatment plant, and I would like to express my thanks to them as well as to the Assistant Director of our Environment and Infrastructures Department, for the quality of their work and the great professionalism they show every day," stated Rosemère's Mayor Madeleine Leduc.

About the Programme d’excellence en eau potable

The drinking water excellence program (Programme d’excellence en eau potable - PEXEP) is intended for the drinking water treatment plants of the municipalities that want to improve their performance and optimize their tools in order to produce water whose quality surpasses the standards set by Québec regulations. This program is divided into four separate phases: commitment, measurement, optimization and summit. Rosemère has successfully completed the first two phases and was therefore eligible to receive 1, 2 or 3 stars. Our Town was therefore awarded the best possible rating. Always concerned about constantly improving the water it produces, the Town is now pursuing its efforts to complete the third phase.

PEXEP was set up over fifteen years ago by Réseau Environnement and the participating municipalities now supply nearly 4 million people with water. PEXEP is the Québec version of the Partnership for Safe Water of the American Water Works Association, the largest network of water professionals in the world, which serves as a benchmark in the field of drinking water in North America.

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