September 07 2017

Rosemère in Bloom contest: Winners Unveiled

The names of the winners of the 2017 edition of the Rosemère in Bloom competition were announced at the Town Hall on September 6. As always, Rosemerites responded in large numbers with landscaping arrangements of outstanding quality.

“A residential category, “Contemporary Garden” was added to the 29th edition of this traditional competition, in order to showcase a larger variety of landscaping arrangements. Citizens presented us with gardens of breathtaking beauty, reflecting the highest standards of this horticultural competition. The quality of these landscapes attests to Rosemerites’ desire to beautify their town and preserve its country charm,” exclaimed mayor Madeleine Leduc.

Rosemère in Bloom” is an annual competition with all Rosemère properties automatically entered in general categories. Residents can also register, free of charge, in specialized categories. Throughout July, twenty-three (23) volunteer judges crisscrossed the entire Rosemère territory to identify the winners.

All Rosemère properties were automatically entered in the following categories: Front in Bloom, Cosy Corner, Native Garden, Contemporary Garden (new this year), Unique Tree and Majestic Tree.

The grand winners in these categories, all sectors combined, are:

  • Front in Bloom: 264 De Rosemère
  • Cosy Corner: 533 Place Robitaille
  • Native Garden: 208 Tallwood
  • Contemporary Garden: 155 Rose-Alma
  • Unique Tree: 229 Des Bois (Magnolia)
  • Majestic Tree: 257 Crescent (American Basswood)

In the commercial facet, winners in the Front in Bloom category are:

  • In the Labelle Blvd. sector: Giorgio, 257 Labelle Blvd.
  • In the Grande-Côte and others sector: Meubles Château Napoléon, 447 Grande-Côte

Specialized categories requiring registration were: Environmental Action, Vegetable Garden and Backyard. The winners are:

  • Environmental Action: Jeannine Landry, 56 Bouthillier
  • Vegetable Garden: 273 De la Clairière
  • Backyard, 0 to 9,999 ft.2: 231 André-Gilles-Lauzon
  • Backyard, 10,000 to 19,999 ft.2: 270 Northcliffe
  • Backyard, 20,000 ft.2and over: 492 De l’Érablière

Finally, the 2017 outstanding Street in Bloom in each of the Town’s sectors are:

  • Sector 1: De la Clairière
  • Sector 2: Golfridge
  • Sector 3: Montcalm
  • Sector 4: Pinkerton
  • Sector 5: De Clervaux
  • Sector 6: Jack-Rice

Mayor Madeleine Leduc thanked the volunteers who travelled through the streets of Rosemère this summer, to identify the winners of this 29th edition.

Ms. Leduc also noted the generosity of the nine property owners who opened their magnificent private gardens to the public for the Secret Gardens Tour — the second facet of “Rosemère in Bloom” — , which was held on July 16. For that one day only, the public was invited to discover the horticultural gems hidden in these private gardens. Further to this event, the Town of Rosemère donated the entire $3,120 raised by the sale of tickets to the Tour to “Les Petits Plaisirs”, a respite care organization helping the region’s families with a disabled child.

In bringing the awards ceremony to a close, the mayor of Rosemère presented a commemorative plaque to certain residents who, for more than 15 years, have opened their garden to the public for the Secret Gardens Tour. She took this opportunity to thank them for their noteworthy involvement in the Rosemère community over these many years.

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