December 21 2017

Rosemère launches its snow-clearing campaign “Oh, the Ups and Downs of Winter!”

Rosemère launches its snow-clearing campaign  “Oh, the Ups and Downs of Winter!”

With the arrival of winter and the implementation of its snow-clearing awareness campaign, the Town of Rosemère seeks to encourage its residents to contribute to the effectiveness of its snow-clearing efforts in order to facilitate maintenance operations and ensure the safety of road users throughout its territory. Carried out on the theme “Oh, the ups and downs of winter! Clearing the snow in our town: we must all do our share”, this campaign will be promoted through all of the Town’s web and print media, as well as on outdoor signs.

Eric Westram, mayor of Rosemère, notes: “Our campaign focuses on the notion that clearing snow in our town is a shared responsibility. To ensure the efficiency of our snow-clearing operations and keep our streets safe at all times for both pedestrians and motorists, we are asking Rosemerites to work with us, by complying with municipal by-laws and adapting their driving habit to winter conditions. When everyone does his share, we all win.”

The Town’s responsibility

The Town of Rosemère is responsible for first clearing its main arteries and collector streets when there is at least 5 cm of snow on roads and 2.5 cm on sidewalks. However, the Town must see to it that all roads are well cleared to ensure the safety of road users at all times. It should be noted, however, that Labelle Boulevard is not under the jurisdiction of the Town of Rosemère, but that of the Québec Ministry of Transport, Urban Mobility and Electrification of Transportation.

The Town is also responsible for blowing snow from main arteries, including sidewalks, and carrying it away when required. Snow-clearing operations are generally held at night in order to minimize their impact on traffic.

Finally, in order to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians, the Town must also spread deicing agents and abrasives on main arteries, bus routes and areas with steep slopes. This process is carried out according to strict guidelines to protect the environment through the application of temperature-based quantities.

Citizens’ responsibility

In Rosemère, on-street parking is prohibited at all times. In winter, this by-law is strictly enforced because of snow-clearing operations. By complying with this by-law, you contribute to our town’s smooth snow-clearing and facilitate the work of employees who crisscross our territory. It is important to note that, during snowfalls, police officers are uncompromising on the issue of on-street parking.

When clearing your driveway, throw the snow onto your property and not onto the street or sidewalks. In so doing, you will avoid obstructing access to pedestrians and motorists. Also avoid throwing snow on fire hydrants, to ensure effective firefighting operations in your neighbourhood during storms. Note that, after every storm, the Town clears snow from hydrants.

On pick-up days, leave your bin in your driveway, wheels positioned house-side. Bins placed on the sidewalk or in the street interfere with snow-clearing operations and could be damaged or overturned.

Has your property been damaged by snow-clearing operations?

If, during the course of the winter, your property has sustained damage from snow-clearing operations, you can report it by complete the form available for this purpose on our website under Services to Citizens/Works, Roads and Zoning/Snow and email it to the address shown on the form. This form is also available at the municipal garage. Repair work will be carried out during the summer.

Should you have any questions, you can contact the Public Works Department at 450 621-3500, ext. 3300.

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