May 28 2019

Rosemère Makes Community Gardens Available to Gardening Enthusiasts

Rosemère Makes Community Gardens Available to Gardening Enthusiasts

ROSEMÈRE, May 28, 2019 The Town of Rosemère is pleased to inform the public that an agreement has been reached to allow gardening enthusiasts to grow fruits and vegetables on the grounds of two schools in Rosemère. The corresponding $30,000 investment has been split between the schools and the Town.

Ten raised beds in front of Val-des-Ormes School will give ten families the opportunity to experience of joys of gardening. The beds, which will be made in the community woodworking workshop, will be accessible after school hours until June 23 and then all day long over the summer holidays.

There will also be 24 gardening spaces set up on municipal land behind Externat Sacré-Coeur that will be made available to the public. For each space, a Rosemère family will be paired with a student– a socio-educational partnership promises to bear fruit.

“These community gardens have come to life because of the partnership and wonderful collaboration that has been established between the Town and both schools,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. “And because they are located on opposite sides of the town, they will be easy for residents to get to.”

“Not only will this project allow people to grow their own fruits and vegetables, the garden plot at our school is a compelling example of intergenerational cooperation, pairing our students with local families,” stated Denyse Hébert, head of Externat Sacré-Coeur.

If you are interested in taking part in this initiative, please call the Recreation Department at 450-621-3500, extension 7380. But don’t delay: only a limited number of applications will be accepted.

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