April 04 2018

Rosemère to Be a Candidate in the Government of Canada's Smart Cities Challenge

Rosemère, April 4, 2018 – The Town of Rosemère is excited to announce that it will be entering the competition to submit a proposal within the Government of Canada's Smart City Challenge. This cross-Canada competition invites municipalities to present their best ideas, stemming from a consultation among their population, to improve the lives of the residents through innovation, data and connected technologies.

To support the Town in its application to take part in the competition and increase the chances of seeing its collective project materialize, the entire Rosemère community is invited to respond to the survey posted online, April 4-15, by clicking here.

"With the increasing challenges of urbanization, connected technologies will enable municipalities to reinvent themselves, improve services and residents' quality of life, while reducing costs in many areas of activity, and to connect infrastructures with residents. In short, to become smarter municipalities and to be proud of them", stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

The Smart Cities Challenge is truly an ideal opportunity for Rosemerites to express their views on the Town's urban challenges, in terms of open data and connected technologies that they consider to be the highest priorities. The Town is therefore inviting residents to complete the brief survey it has prepared for this purpose.

In what area of activity should the Town invest its efforts in new technologies: information, culture and heritage, leisure and recreational activities, active living and sports, environmental protection, safety and security, urban connectivity, etc.? How can it stand out as an open and connected town? Then based on the residents' choices and suggestions, the Town will prepare the great challenge that it will submit in its application to enter the competition.

This residents' consultation process is essential and represents the first step to enter the competition. The finalists will be announced in the summer of 2018, the winners will be selected next winter and the official announcement of the winners will take place in the spring of 2019. If selected, our town could win a prize of up to $5 million to meet the collective challenge it has proposed and which will have been defined together with our town's residents.

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