March 29 2022

Rosemère to Cut Down Dead Ash Trees in Charbonneau Park

The Town of Rosemère wishes to inform the public that ash trees will be cut down in Charbonneau Park starting April 4. More specifically, the purpose of this work is to cut down ash trees that are dead or that present a safety hazard to residents. The work will be carried out over a two-week period and will be concentrated mainly in the waterfront area of the park. 

"Over the next few months, the Town will also begin work to redevelop the shoreline of Charbonneau Park. These operations will involve planting a variety of trees, shrubs and plants that are suitable to the environment and necessary for the protection and restoration of this ecosystem of great ecological value," explained Mayor Eric Westram. “By cutting down the ash trees, we will be able to make the site safer and plant the greenery needed to protect this biodiversity-rich environment.”

As it may be recalled, emerald ash borers were detected on Rosemère territory in 2014 and they continue to proliferate. In 2017, the Town therefore implemented an integrated action plan against EABs, which includes the planting of replacement trees on public property. It also encourages residents to pay special attention to trees on their private property, by identifying EAB-related symptoms and acting accordingly. Full information in this regard is available on the Town's website at

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