January 29 2021

Rosemère Unveils Preliminary Draft of Urban Plan

On January 18, the Town of Rosemère tabled the preliminary draft of the Urban Plan that the Westram Administration has been working on, together with all residents, since 2018. This preliminary draft is the culmination of a vast public strategic reflection on Rosemère's urbanistic vision in order to design the Rosemère of tomorrow.

As it may be recalled, within this process, some 1700 people participated in more than a dozen public consultation activities that made it possible to produce this preliminary draft urban plan. 

"This reflection, which we have fuelled over the past three years, has enabled us to clearly identify the assets to be consolidated, the actions to be taken, and the new challenges to be anticipated, in order to provide a good framework for planning and developing our town, to make it proud, green and prosperous. This draft urban plan therefore responds to the issues and concerns that we had identified together during our many public consultations," stated Mayor Eric Westram.

This urbanistic vision focuses on maintaining and improving the quality of life of all Rosemerites so that Rosemère is recognized as a sustainable, innovative, trend-setting town. It also intends to meet residents' needs, while strengthening the local economy to ensure its sustainability in the years to come as well as the vitality of our territory. 

Before the official adoption of the Urban Plan, Rosemère will first have to obtain the favourable opinion of the supra-local authorities—the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) and the MRC Thérèse-De-Blainville—as the Pan must be consistent with regional, metropolitan and governmental orientations in terms of land use planning. Certain aspects of the preliminary draft urban plan, including mixed residential/commercial land use in the regional commercial hub, as well as the lower level of densification desired by residents on the site of the former golf course, must be justified to the supra-local authorities. Once this step is completed, the Town will be able to begin the formal process, stipulated in the law, to bring the Urban Plan into effect. 

In closing, it is important to note that Town Council reiterates its intention, already public since June 2020, to confer a light ecological, educational and recreational vocation to a minimum of 50% of the former golf course site and make it accessible to the public. As such, Town Council will be subjecting the former golf course site to a bylaw on the comprehensive development program. Any project that will comply with this program will be presented to a public consultation to the entire population.   Only afterwards, a zoning change project can be tabled, which will then be submitted for residents' approval. Town Council wishes to reassure Rosemerites that it will continue to encourage their participation in the former golf course site dossier, even beyond the approval of the new Urban Plan.

The draft urban plan is available on our website at ville.rosemere.qc.ca/download-documents/, quickly accessible in the download section on the left side of the page.


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