June 06 2017

Sale of the Rosemère Golf Club: The Town reiterates its position

Rosemère, June 6, 2017 – The Town of Rosemère has been informed that the Rosemère Golf Club has accepted a purchase offer following a special shareholders’ meeting. The Town wishes to reassure its residents and reiterate the position it adopted in the wake of last fall’s extensive public consultation involving 1,100 citizens, that any future development must respect the will of the community. This public consultation made it possible to conclude that the citizens of Rosemère consider this green space to be a richness for the community.

Since current zoning on the parcel of land along Labelle Boulevard allows the construction of residential and commercial buildings of four (4) storeys or less, any real estate development must comply with this by-law. It is important to note as well that the remaining part of the golf course (zone P-38) is zoned for public use, which means that it cannot be put to another use without a zoning change that must be presented to residents for approval.

"I wish to assure our citizens that the Town will not consider any application for a zoning change that runs counter to the wishes clearly expressed by citizens last November. In fact, they wanted the planning of this sector to be consistent with the community’s sustainable development values and ensure the preservation of Rosemère’s country flavour," asserted Madeleine Leduc, mayor of Rosemère.

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