May 26 2014

TD Green Trees: Partners un the protection of our trees

True to its reputation as a proud defender of urban forestry, the Town of Rosemère is pleased to announce its participation in the TD Green Trees program established by Trees Canada and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. This initiative was rendered possible thanks to the contribution of the Centre de formation horticole de Laval (CFHL – Laval Horticultural Training Centre). 

The project presented by the Town calls, first and foremost, for the planting of some thirty good-sized trees by students of the CFHL. The site selected for this operation is located along the gardens of the Hamilton House, creating a screen of vegetation between the public premises and neighbouring homes. This addition will serve to enhance the quality of life of waterfront residents by reducing the spread of noise resulting not only from traffic on the site but from automotive traffic and commercial activities on Route 117 located nearby. Finally, the new trees will help make up, to some extent, for the loss of several majestic maples to strong winds in July 2013. 

In addition to contributing in a tangible manner to the training of the CFHL’s young tree growers, who will make up a competent succession, Rosemère’s participation in the TD Green Trees program will also help make the public more aware of the importance of calling on professionals for the maintenance of their trees. Also planned are free talks on the imminent arrival of the emerald ash borer, a devastating insect, and various ways in which its progression can be slowed. 

"We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the players in this project, starting with Trees Canada and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, as well as the Centre de formation horticole de Laval,” stated mayor Madeleine Leduc, who went on to say: "Your contribution will have an impact on generations to come, while significantly enhancing the gardens of the Hamilton House, a heritage site where education, history, culture and nature come together.” The total cost of this project is estimated to be $20,000, of which $10,000 will be provided by the TD Green Trees program.

Trees Canada, meanwhile, expressed pride in supporting municipal vitality on environmental issues. In fact, since 1994 when it was first established, the TD Green Trees program has helped more than 475 towns carry out projects of this nature. "We are thrilled that, this year again, we will be granting financial assistance within the framework of the TD Green Trees program,” explains Jean-Jacques Lincourt, speaking on behalf of Michael Rosen, President of Trees Canada. He went on to state: "We are looking forward to collaborating with the Town of Rosemère, which has a vision similar to ours, which understands the importance of trees, and which continues to improve living environments.”  

As for the TD Friends of Trees Foundation, it encourages the adoption of new approaches in terms of green infrastructures. "The goal of the TD Green Trees program is to encourage the adoption of cutting-edge urban forestry practices and we wish to congratulate the Town of Rosemère on its development of a plan designed to improve the quality of the environment,” stated Nadine Valois, manager of TD’s Fontainebleau branch. "The new trees at the Hamilton House will improve air quality and, in so doing, contribute to a better living and leisure environment.” 

"This is a sustainable project that will unquestionably be appreciated by the today’s community as well as future generations,” concluded mayor Leduc along with her guests, Jean-Jacques Lincourt of Trees Canada and Nadine Valois of the TD Bank. 

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