May 26 2020

Sustainable development - Rosemère Launches the First Edition of its Environment Forum

The Town of Rosemère will be launching its first-ever Forum on the Environment on June 13. A free, 100% virtual, family event! This forum is an initiative of the Town of Rosemère's Civic Committee on the Environment (CCE), which was set up in June 2019. The event will focus on themes as varied as an introduction to zero waste, natural environments, biodiversity and drinking water conservation. Through two live, one-hour web conferences, participants of all ages will have the opportunity, in the morning, to learn about a "zero-waste" lifestyle with Cindy Trottier, founder of the Circuit Zéro déchet, and then, in the afternoon, with Anaïs Boutin, Director of Protection and Conservation at Éco-Nature in Rivière-des-Mille-Îles Park, they will have the chance to discover the actions taken to preserve the natural environments and biodiversity in our region.

In addition, the Town of Rosemère will be presenting, online, Hubert Reeves' documentary La Terre vue du cœur. This film takes a look at the Earth and its threatened biodiversity, but above all, it is a conscious look at the interdependence of all living beings.  

"Since its creation, our Civic Committee on the Environment has been able to turn our residents' expertise to good account in order to better guide our environmental actions and, in particular to increase our knowledge and leadership in environmental and sustainable development matters. This first Forum on the Environment is a wonderful way to mark the first anniversary of this committee, which is making—and will continue to make—Rosemère greener and greener," stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. 

How can you get involved?

Everyone interested in attending one of the web conferences must register online before 10 a.m. on Friday, June 12. Registration is free of charge and open to all. Since we have a limit of 300 participants per web conference, we ask that, if possible, you reserve one ticket per household and share the screen with your family!

The complete schedule for the day and the registration platform will soon be online! 

Learn more about the Civic Committee on the Environment (CCE)

In line with its strategic vision "Rosemère, a proud, green and prosperous town", the Town of Rosemère set up this advisory committee in June 2019. The main responsibilities of the CCE, composed of Robert Farand, Claude Jourdain, Joanne Lafond, Jasmine Lail and Émilie Lapalme-Gendron, five (5) volunteer residents with significant expertise in environmental and sustainable development matters; Mayor Eric Westram; Councillor Marie-Hélène Fortin and Councillor René Villeneuve, are to ensure the enhancement and promotion of the Town of Rosemère's green vision. 

What’s happening

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