Commissioner of oaths

In order for certain documents to be considered valid by the authorities who request them, they must be signed in the presence of a commissioner of oaths in a process referred to as “making a sworn statement.” The Town of Rosemère offers this service by appointment at Town Hall.

The person who needs the sworn statement must provide all the required documents and present a valid piece of photo ID to the commissioner of oaths. The sworn statement cannot be made by anyone other than the person whose signature is required on the documents. 

The role of the commissioner of oaths is only to administer an oath and receive the sworn statement. The commissioner of oaths is not required to verify the content of the statement. The person making the sworn statement is responsible for understanding the content of what they are signing.

The commissioner of oaths cannot certify documents or attest that a copy of a document is identical to the original.

Oaths are administered at the discretion of the commissioner of oaths, who reserves the right to, at any time, request additional information, perform further verifications or refuse to take a sworn statement.


  • Letter of invitation or certificate of accommodation (certificat d’hébergement)
    Document required to obtain a tourist visa for Canada. This document must be prepared by the person residing in Canada who will act as guarantor for the visitor.

  • Certificate of life
    A certificate of life may be required of people who receive income from outside of Canada. It is generally a form provided by the institution making the payments and must be signed by the beneficiary to prove that he or she is still living.

  • Authorization to travel with minor children 
    This document is required by border services when a child is travelling with only one of their parents or with a person who is not a parent.

  • Solemn affirmation, statement/affidavit, etc.


  1. Make an appointment with the commissioner of oaths at Town Hall. 
  2. Have your documents ready and sign them in the presence of the commissioner of oaths. There are no ready-to-complete forms available on site.
  3. Have a valid piece of photo ID ready for verification purposes.


  • Free for Rosemère residents 
  • $5 for non-residents

Legal Services and Town Clerk (by appointment)
100 Charbonneau Street

450-621-3500, ext. 1241 

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