January 18 2018

The General Manager is entitled to the presumption of innocence

Statement of the mayor, Eric Westram, about the complaint of the Quebec Order of Engineers file: "In our society, we value and defend the presumption of innocence. On January 17th, the General Manager pleaded not guilty in response to a non-criminal charge levied by the Diciplinary Committee of the Order of Quebec Engineers.

On this issue, and until such time that there is proof to the contrary, the General Manager has my full support as well as the support of the Municipal Council. We are treating this file with utmost prudence and we are making no assumptions, either way, as to the outcome.

Our primary concern is to protect the interests of Rosemerites. Rosemere is a city that is deep-rooted in integrity and principle and where there is zero tolerance for ethical breaches of any kind.

We have worked closely with the Director General since coming to power on November 5th and I can assure the population of Rosemere that we have witnessed no procedural irregularities of any kind. Nothing whatsoever would lead us to believe that our General Manager has breached, in any way, the code of ethical conduct as an engineer in the execution of his functions here in Rosemere. Individuals in our society have the right to be presumed innocent.

We are monitoring the progress of the file on a daily basis and we will execute appropriate decisions as the situation evolves. We must now wait for the outcome of the process that was launched by the Quebec Order of Engineers to take its course».      

- Eric Westram, Mayor

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