February 08 2024

The Mayor of Rosemère addresses the business community at the CCITB's Rosemère Wing

"In the current economic environment, which is tinged by inflation, the 2024 budget has been drawn up under the sign of responsibility", Eric Westram

The Mayor's Dinner, organized on January 30 by the Aile Rosemère of the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie Thérèse-De Blainville (CCITB), brought together business people and municipal players. 

Rosemère mayor Eric Westram, accompanied by city councillor Marie-Elaine Pitre, took the opportunity to address the business community on the budget and major projects for 2024. 

"It is in the current inflationary economic context, and to respond adequately to the challenges that surround us, while maintaining the objective of remaining a city where quality of life is resolutely good, that the members of the municipal council, as well as the administration, have prepared the 2024 budget. It is our fervent wish that the Town of Rosemère can continue to offer high-quality services to its population, while not passing on our tax burden to future generations," declared the Mayor.

Rosemère maintains its enviable position in terms of taxation in the non-residential and residential sectors. Taxes on businesses are significantly lower than the average for neighboring towns.

For her part, France Brosseau, vice-president of Aile Rosemère, underlined the remarkable work of the members of the various committees, as well as the excellent collaboration with the Town of Rosemère, who are working towards the common goal of making the town more dynamic and inviting for citizens and entrepreneurs alike, as well as propelling the success of Rosemère businesses. 

In addition to the financial support of the Ville de Rosemère, the Aile can count on the support of four annual partners: Pacini, évoilà5, Sports Experts, Turcot Olivier Optométristes, as well as the volunteer participation of over twenty entrepreneurs who sit on various working committees.

About Aile Rosemère :

L'Aile Rosemère stimulates Rosemère's economic vitality through collective projects and personalized support. The Aile Rosemère is a CCITB wing that contributes to the organization's role of driving the success of local businesses through its Se mobiliser pillar. Special ties are developed between business people to help build positive relationships in the community, contribute to the development of promising projects and participate in strategic community decisions.

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