June 12 2020

The Town of Rosemère Encourages its Residents to Get an ID Tag for Their Dogs

Following the new provincial regulation concerning dogs, which recently came into force, all dog owners in Rosemère must register their dog(s) from now on and obtain the regulatory ID tag from the SPCA Lanaudière Basses-Laurentides. However, guide dogs are exempt from this new regulation.

This ID tag must be purchased directly online on the SPCA Lanaudière Basses-Laurentides website, at a cost of $25/year. The entire $25 will go to this organization in order to pursue its mission, which is fundamentally aimed at the well-being of pets. These funds will be invested in information and education efforts aimed at residents in order to foster greater knowledge of—and more respect for—animals.

The RIPTB in charge of the file

For the municipalities of Boisbriand, Lorraine, Rosemère and Sainte-Thérèse, the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville (RIPTB) is in charge of enforcing this new regulation. The RIPTB will raise the awareness of residents under its jurisdiction of the need to register their dogs and obtain the regulatory ID tag as soon as possible. If residents have any questions, they can call 450 435-2421, ext. 3500.

Reminder of the other rules concerning dogs in Rosemère  

  • We allow a maximum of two (2) dogs at each civic address. 
  • In addition, in a public place, a dog must be kept on a leash of a maximum length of 1.22 m and its master must be able to control it at all times. 
  • A dog weighing more than 20 kg (45 lbs) must, at all times, wear a halter or harness attached to its leash.
  • All dog owners or dog keepers must remove or clean up their dog's droppings in public places and on private property.

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