April 10 2018

Rosemère pays tribute to the victims of the accident in Saskatchewan

Content of the letter sent to Humboldt Mayor Rob Muench:

Dear Mayor Muench,

As another Canadian town and Mayor of the Town of Rosemère, a Québec municipality located north of Montreal, it is with considerable emotion that I extend my condolences in the wake of the tragic bus accident that occurred on April 6, decimating your town’s Broncos team as it headed to a Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League playoff game.

In particular, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ loved ones who are dealing with the nightmare of losing a son, a grandson, a brother or a friend. I am thinking, as well, of the survivors of this accident, who have suffered injuries and trauma. All will need courage and support to overcome this ordeal and get on with their lives. My thoughts are also with your community’s first responders, who quickly and courageously came together to help the victims of this terrible event.

In recent televised reports, we could see the closeness and solidarity of your community and how attached it is to its local junior hockey team and the youngsters who are part of it. In a small, close-knit community such as yours, everyone certainly knows or knows of one of the young victims.

I can only imagine how powerless a mayor must feel when such a catastrophe occurs. However, it must be comforting to know that behind you and your team stands a community that is coming together. It is my heartfelt hope that, combined with your municipality’s efforts, this show of solidarity continues and helps heal the wounds of those affected by this tragedy and that it allows your town to slowly recover its peace of mind. The Town of Rosemère is flying its flags at half-mast as a show of solidarity and respect for your community.


Eric Westram
Mayor of Rosemère

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