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Employed by the Thérèse-De Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Amélie Bouchard, is a liaison and collective projects officer dedicated to supporting the local business community, in conjunction with the Town of Rosemère. Her role is to work with business directors on files such as their permit applications, or to steer them to the local resources that best meet their needs. The mandate of the liaison officer, therefore, is to help companies with their procedures, answer their questions, and serve as a bridge between the various local stakeholders and partners, if need be.

With the help of several volunteer committees of dedicated entrepreneurs, she contributes to the implementation of several projects arising directly from ideas put forth by the business community. In fact, this is how the project “Rosemère, c’est mon affaire ”(Rosemère, it’s my business!”), came to be, as well as the buy local campaigns. The objective of these projects is to promote local purchasing, contribute to the vitality of the area, strengthen collaboration between businesses and create the future of the business community.

Whether yours is a new company or one that has long been established in Rosemère, should you have any questions, she is the one to see. She will be happy to answer your questions or provide the information that will allow you to successfully carry out your project.

To reach the liaison and collective projects officer:

Mrs Amélie Bouchard
450 435-8228, ext. 230

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