Water meter readings

MODIFICATION of the self-reporting period for meter readings

Next readings: February 2024 (instead of Fall 2023)

For the past few years, citizens have been submitting their water meter readings in Fall and billing for excess water consumption takes place in May.

In order to shorten the timeframe between when water meter data is submitted by residents and excess water use is billed by the Town, and in an effort to cut down on paper, the self-reporting period for meter readings has been modified.

Thus, no readings will be taken in Fall of 2023. The next readings will be due in February 2024. You will receive a request to take readings with your 2024 tax bill. All readings will need to be submitted via the web platform, as no paper forms will be sent.

Be sure to refer to these instructions if you require additional information on how to proceed.

Please note:
Consumptions will be modulated so that the amount billed represents a twelve-month consumption. Billing for excess water consumption will still occur in May.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions? Contact the Finance Department at 450 621-3500, ext. 1237 or by email at eau@ville.rosemere.qc.ca.

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