April 22 2014

Garage sales in Rosemère: An attractive new concept for residents

Rosemère is falling into step with neighbouring towns by modernizing its approach to garage sales. This updating affects both individual garage sales as well as the annual mega garage sale, which had been organized by the Town in recent years. 

Henceforth, residential garage sales will be authorized two weekends a year only, i.e. Victoria Day weekend (May 17, 18, and 19, 2014) and the weekend following Labour Day (September 6 and 7, 2014). While they are not required to do so, residents are invited to register their sale online, free of charge, so that their address can appear on a road map to be distributed at the library and community centre, and disseminated via the Town’s website. 

This move eliminates the need to pay a deposit for signs, as well as the need to install them. The Town will take care of disseminating the addresses and, since all sales will be held at the same time, the event will generate the kind of excitement that can only benefit sellers. For the spring 2014 edition, registration must be made no later than Sunday, May 11 at the following address:   www.ville.rosemere.qc.ca

The above-mentioned formula will also replace the mega garage sale that had previously been held at the train station and library in May. This will eliminate costs for renting a table, the need to move goods to the site and, most importantly, uncertainties linked to weather conditions. Residents can set up comfortably at home and make their own contingency plans for bad weather. 

Finally, the pilot project allowing merchants to hold their own garage or sidewalk sale, at the same time as residents, is being repeated this year. "This is yet another initiative that can prove quite interesting for consumers criss-crossing the Town in search of small treasures,” noted mayor Madeleine Leduc, who invites residents and bargain-hunters to take part in this treasure hunt in large numbers! 

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