October 08 2020

A Candle-Lit Night of the Homeless

Due to the pandemic, the traditional Night of the Homeless procession through the streets will unfortunately not take place this year. On October 16, let us show our solidarity with people living in precarious situations and light a candle on our balcony or in our window!

Rosemère was truly pleased to have the opportunity to host this year's Night of the Homeless on its territory, but given the present health crisis, people's safety is at the heart of our actions. The social situation we are facing, with the many job losses it entails, only makes homelessness even more precarious. This is why it is so important to maintain this event, even in another form. Rosemère works closely with a number of community organizations that help people living in precarious situations. It is often mistakenly believed that in our region, there is no homelessness, but homelessness has no face. It doesn't necessarily conform to the idea we have of it when we think of large urban centres.

Did you know that as residents or businesses, we can all take concrete actions to help people living with homelessness? Here are a few actions:

As a resident:

1. Make donations to local and regional organizations that help them (clothing, household items, food, financial support, etc.). 

2. Offer your time to organizations working with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

3. Reduce prejudices towards homeless people and respect them as much as you respect the rest of society as a whole. 

4. Share information and raise awareness among your peers. 

5. Participate in the event and/or get involved in the organization. 

As a business or organization:

1. Support homelessness prevention organizations, local partners and organizations that promote support for homeless people and their reintegration into society.

2. Offer surpluses (food, goods) to community organizations. 

3. Allow access to washrooms, bathrooms and water fountains; offer a warm rest stop in cold weather and a cool rest stop in hot weather. 

4. Reduce prejudices towards homeless people and respect them as much as society as a whole. 

5. Encourage the development of affordable, community-based housing in our cities and towns. 

Let's show solidarity and all act together to fight homelessness in our region! 

More information may be found on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nuitdessansabri

Watch the short video to commemorate the last 10 years of Night of the Homeless in our region!

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