March 27 2020

Covid-19 - Update of March 27, 2020

Rosemerites of 70 years old and over, we are here for you!

The Town would like to reiterate the importance for seniors 70 years of age and older to stay at home to minimize any risk of infection. Please do not put your health at risk! Also, if you need support during the pandemic, do not hesitate to contact us at 450 621-3500, ext. 7384, and we will be pleased to provide you with the necessary support or direct you to the right resources. Is someone you know part of this group? Don't hesitate to give him or her this number.

Attention youth: spread the word, not the virus!

Maybe you think that by going to the skatepark you have no chance of getting the virus, or maybe you're under the mistaken impression that this virus doesn't affect young people? Think again! No matter how old you are, your immune system is not prepared to defend itself against Covid-19. It's important to be very vigilant and stay home. Avoid gatherings with your friends! For your well-being and of your loved ones, please follow government guidelines! Take advantage of this opportunity to be on your screens!


Tools available to maintain the skills of our young people and adults in training

Since school perseverance and the educational success of young people and adults in training are at the heart of Partenaires pour la réussite éducative dans les Laurentides ' concerns, the organization has set up a pedago-leisure resource area for parents on its website.

Don't hesitate to consult it:

Do not flush your disinfectant wipes down the toilet!

Disposable disinfectant wipes are more popular than ever in this time of health crisis. Please don't flush them down the toilet! They create major problems in sewer systems by clogging sewers and causing sewer back-ups.

Transcontinental continues to distribute Publisac

The Town was recently informed that, at the government's request, Transcontinental will maintain its Publisac distribution service. It has implemented health and safety measures in their warehouses and with the distributors to limit contact and the spread of the virus. If you have any questions about their service, please do not hesitate to contact their consumer service department directly at 1 888 999-2272.

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