July 06 2020

Foot rally: A Fun Way to Discover Rosemère

ROSEMÈRE, July 6, 2020  In a playful and competitive spirit, with family, as a couple or with friends, residents and visitors can take part, starting today, in the brand new foot rally offered by the Town of Rosemère. Divided into three distinct routes, participants will be led through areas of Charbonneau Park, Hamilton House and the surroundings of the Memorial Community Centre by answering observation questions in order to get to know the Town of Rosemère from a new angle!

A foot rally is first and foremost a game of searching and observation. Usually in teams of two or four people, participants must find answers to simple questions. This rally is mainly intended for 12-year-olds and over; however, children can always surprise us! Participants are invited to print out the questionnaire on our website, go to the sites along the route, follow the directions and, lastly, observe the environment to find the answers.   Wherever your eyes can see, the answer may be there! 

"Although our summer this year is nothing like previous summers in terms of events and activities, this doesn't mean that nothing is happening in Rosemère. We set up this rally in collaboration with Rallye bottine Laurentides in order to offer an activity that is out of the ordinary to families from here and elsewhere. As you will see, over the rally's three routes, participants will be surprised at some unexpected facets of the Town. This is an amazing way to discover Rosemère's history and built heritage," stated Mayor Eric Westram.

What’s happening

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