December 20 2022

Public consultation on the new planning program and by-laws

The Town of Rosemère invites residents to the Memorial Community Centre at 6:30 p.m. on January 16 for a presentation on the new planning program and by-laws. This will be followed by a public consultation to allow Rosemerites to weigh in on this topic. This consultation meets the obligations stipulated in the Act respecting land use planning and development in order to officially adopt the new planning program. 

The public’s active involvement in the consultation process since it began in 2018 has contributed to shaping Rosemère’s urban vision. This input has helped substantiate some concrete ways forward within a new planning program, in response to issues and concerns raised during numerous public consultations. 

The January 16 presentation will outline the Town’s planning-related aims and specific objectives for the coming year. It should be noted that the matter of the former golf course is not addressed in the program. Town Council has decided to withdraw the file so it can be aligned with subsequent decisions made by the provincial government under the Politique nationale de l’architecture et de l’aménagement du territoire ─ Mieux habiter et bâtir notre territoire and Plan Nature 2030.

As part of this public consultation, residents will be apprised of the provisions of the nine planning by-laws and be given an opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback. The nine by-laws will then be adopted at a Town Council meeting on January 23. 

“One of the priorities in this new planning program is definitely our active mobility strategy,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram. “This strategy will be at the heart of the Town’s priorities in 2023, and some wonderful announcements in this regard are forthcoming.”

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