June 15 2022

Restricting Access to the Boat Launch Ramp - Regulations come into force in May 2023

At the June Council meeting, the Town of Rosemère adopted a by-law to restrict access to the Charbonneau Park boat launch to human-powered or electrically-powered boats only. However, in order to ensure a smooth transition and to allow citizens to take the necessary measures to adapt to this new regulation, the bylaw will come into effect in May 2023. 

The summer of 2022 will be a transition period on several levels for Charbonneau Park. The upcoming redevelopment of the riverbanks will allow the park's ultimate vocation to become a true ecological and recreational hub for citizens. 

"Thus, in 2023, Rosemère citizens will be able to benefit from a natural space rich in biodiversity. The completion of this work combined with the coming into force of the regulations for access to the boat launch will reinforce our commitment to the sustainability of these magnificent and fragile ecosystems that are the banks of Charbonneau Park," explained Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

Remember that only Rosemerites are authorized at all times to launch a boat at the Charbonneau Park boat launch in order to reduce the number of visitors and to give the population of Rosemère privileged access. 

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