April 12 2018

Rosemère hostess of the Ateliers Verts

On April 10, the Town of Rosemère hosted the Ateliers Verts, a conference held by the Fleurons du Québec dedicated to sustainable horticultural beautification and greening of municipal territory, which aims to showcase innovative development projects, meet horticultural specialists and share the successes of certified municipalities.

For the occasion, some thirty representatives of municipalities in the region were in attendance to listen to Rosemère's experience on the road to obtaining the five Fleurons as well as its various innovative projects set up in recent years. The participants also took part in various talks, notably on the rating process for the Fleurons program, horticultural landscaping for municipal spaces and businesses, and the presentation of the Fleurons' favourites during their 2017 tour of the various certified municipalities.

Over the next few days, three other municipalities will host the Ateliers Verts: Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Saint-Félicien and Québec City.

We wish to thank to all the participants!

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