June 13 2018

Rosemère in Bloom and Secret Gardens Tour

Rosemère, June 12, 2018 – On June 12, the 29th edition of the annual Rosemère in Bloom competition as well as the 19th edition of the Secret Gardens Tour were launched at the Hamilton House. This event brought together Rosemère mayor Eric Westram, the Town’s municipal councillors, members of the competition’s organizing committee, and property owners hosting the 2018 Secret Gardens Tour.

This year again, all Rosemère homes are automatically entered in the Rosemère in Bloom competition’s Residential (Front in Bloom, Cosy Corner, Native Garden, and Contemporary Garden), Commercial, Tree (Majestic, Unique), and Street in Bloom categories. However, free registration is required by June 15 in the following specialized categories: Environmental Action, Vegetable Garden and Backyard. For these categories, participants must complete the form recently received in the mail. This form is also available at the Town Hall.

As for the Secret Gardens Tour, the doors to Rosemère’s most beautiful private gardens will be open to the public on July 15. Tickets to this event are now available at the Town Hall and municipal library. You will also be able to purchase tickets at the train station between 9:30 a.m. and noon on the morning of the event. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the respite care organization “Les Petits Plaisirs”, which allows the region’s families with a disabled child to enjoy services essential to their quality of life. “Every spring, citizens push the boundaries of creativity when beautifying their lawn and landscaping arrangements. It brings them considerable pride and benefits the community as a whole. I urge Rosemerites to pursue this horticultural tradition by taking part in large numbers in these two events, which serve to enhance the beauty of our town and green spaces,” states mayor Eric Westram.

Official registration of the “Osiris Rosemère” flower

At this seasonal launch, the Town also received the official registration certificate of the “Osiris Rosemère” flower, issued by the American Peony Society, the international authority registering peony cultivars. “The Osiris Rosemère, a magnificent peony with double blooms in a frosted pink colour, was created by Mr. Fafard in 2013, to thank the Town for having hosted that year’s edition of the Québec Peony Festival.

“It is an honour for the Town to have its own peony. Currently, this unique flower can be seen in the peony collections of the Hamilton House gardens. Once it is marketed, in a few years, citizens will have the opportunity of acquiring and admiring it in their own gardens,” concluded the mayor.

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